Season of Concern

"Artists Helping Artists. Family Helping Family for 30 years."

Make an Online Donation to SoC Today!

If you prefer to send you donation in the mail, our address is:

Season of Concern
8 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 601
Chicago, IL 60603

If you prefer to make a credit card donation to SoC over the phone, our phone number is: 312-332-0518

You can also make a donation from your mobile device via Qgiv.

Simply tap the ‘messages’ icon your device, then tap the icon to send a message, and in the ‘To:’ field type ‘50155’ in the message field type ‘concern’ and you will be asked for the amount you wish to donate.

Raise Funds for SoC

SoC's funds are raised in many different ways, by many different theatres, cast, crew, staff & audience members and individuals alike. Here are some of the most popular ways that funds are raised for SoC. Contact us to learn more or to tell us about your new fundraising idea for SoC!

How to Help

Audience Solicitations

Many theatres choose specific performances during the run of a production and solicit donations from their audience for SoC. An actor in the production gives a post-show speech to the audience (sample speeches are provided by SoC), and then, two or more actors stand in the lobby of the theatre with SoC collection cans (also provided by SoC) to gather donations from audience members.

At the end of the collection period, the theatre can either deposit the donation total into their account and write a check to SoC for the total collection amount, or they can arrange for someone from SoC to pick up the donations from the theatre, whichever they prefer.

A large number of theatres choose to collect audience donations for SoC during our Annual Holiday Fund Drive, beginning in late October and continuing until the end of the year.

Opening Night Gifts

In lieu of gifts of flowers, cards or champagne, many cast and crew members choose to make a donation to SoC in honor of their production's Opening Night. Sometimes, the majority of the cast and crew will choose to make an Opening Night Gift to SoC, their combined donations totaling almost a thousand dollars.

Opening Night Parties

Some theatres host a special Opening Night Party and ask those attending to make a small donation to SoC. Over the past several years, The Marriott Theatre in Lincolnshire has generously donated tens of thousands of dollars for SoC in this way.

Special Events

Other events such as benefit performances (where a theatre company donates a portion of or the entire amount of the ticket price for a particular performance to SoC), unique cabaret shows featuring cast members of currently running musical, one-night only stage readings, or concerts are also wonderful ways to raise funds for SoC.